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Tag: KSB

Explosion-proof and smart

KSB now offers smart monitoring solutions for pumps and other rotating equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Over the last two years, KSB has developed a wide range of solutions to ensure...

New space-saving inline pump for buildings and complexes

KSB has introduced the pump that industrial engineers and building managers have been asking for to reduce space requirements and ease of maintenance over traditional pump types used in residential, office...

Pump manufacturer’s message to Southern Africa

Hundreds-of-millions of people throughout Southern Africa who rely on KSB pumps for their everyday water and sanitation, electricity, agriculture and industrial requirements can remain safe in the knowledge that the pump...

Keeping the water flowing and lights burning

CRITICAL pumps in the provision of water and sanitation services, as well as pumps used in the generation of electricity are being fully supported during the nationwide Covid-19 lock down period. Major...


Case Study: French company solve hose problems transferring delicate fluids

FRANCE based Oril Industrie produces nearly 2 000 tons of active ingredients per year which are used in prescription medication in the fields of cardiology,...


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