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Tag: land

The hidden costs and motives of land invasions

“Squatting” in plain speech and “land invasions” in the language of officialdom, has wider economic consequences that are seldom aired in the media. Our natural human sympathy assumes that the driving motive...

Theft with impunity

The Bee in my Bonnet Column. By: Robin Hayes (Editor at CBN) The editor laments… LIVING in South Africa, like every other place on earth, with the possible exception of Beirut, has its...

South African business jet first to take-off and land like a helicopter

With a top speed of 800km/h, the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet will be able to fly up to four times faster than a helicopter. The first business jet with vertical take-off and...

City of Cape Town’s costly ‘dodgy’ land deal in spotlight

The DA has come under fire for purchasing land in Dunoon for R64 million to appease its constituencies in an affluent suburb, where the City of Cape Town already owns land...

Afriforum concerned over alleged govt land expropriation list

The organisation says that the list has been doing the rounds at the Department of Land Reform and Rural Development. AfriForum has not been able to authenticate a document that lists...


Pick n pill prescription stopped

SUPERMARKET giant Pick n Pay has sold its retail pharmacy business to health and beauty retailer Clicks for an undisclosed sum. The deal will include...


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