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SA experiences huge drop in crime

South Africa’s nationwide lockdown has proven effective in not only stemming the spread of the coronavirus but also reducing the country’s crime rate. As the country spends its last week in alert...

Drought and level 5 water restrictions highlights fire risks for commercial operations in W.Cape

With drought conditions deepening and the Western Cape now facing level 5 water restrictions, fire risks have increased dramatically, demanding more stringent fire risk mitigation and planning. Stringent compliance with fire...

Cape Town introduces level 5 water restrictions

With immediate effect, the City of Cape Town will be taking a number of new actions to drive down water consumption, including the introduction of level 5 restrictions, fines, and a...


OPINION: With tourism on its knees, local spat makes no sense

The editor laments, again. A Stadler Street address in Blouberstrand is like a little piece of heaven. Its commanding views of Table Mountain and Robben Island,...