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No loadshedding for rest of week but Eskom warns power grid unpredictable

Eskom said that generation capacity had risen to more than 34,000 megawatts, the highest level this year. The power utility said that it had managed to stave off loadshedding for the rest...

No loadshedding is expected during the COVID-19 lockdown as demand has dropped

Eskom does not expect to implement loadshedding during the COVID-19 national lockdown. Demand for electricity has dropped by more than 6 000MW on Thursday afternoon, with further demand reduction anticipated during the...

Western Cape to become first load shedding free province

The Western Cape may soon become South Africa’s first power independent province with nearly all of the 30 municipalities ready to provide their residents with electricity of their own. Twenty-three out of...

Load shedding may continue for 18 months

South Africans have been warned to expect rolling blackouts to continue for the next 18 months as Eskom works to completely overhaul and repair its current system. According to the embattled...

No load shedding this week

Residents can pack away the candles and torches for the moment as Eskom announces that no load shedding is anticipated for this week. The national power provider explains in an official statement...


Fishing rights: lines are taut

THE delayed FRAP (Fishing Rights Allocation Process) appears to be increasing anxiety levels in the local fishing sector – especially amongst the larger players,...