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Tag: loadshedding

Eskom’s plan to keep the lights on

As Eskom continues to warn consumers of rotational load shedding, Deputy President David Mabuza has told Members of Parliament that the power utility has developed a detailed turnaround plan to address...

There is a low risk of rotational loadshedding today

Residents and businesses are encouraged to use electricity sparingly to ease the demand of electricity. Switch off geysers as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing...

Eskom hopes to stop load shedding by the end of the week

Eskom is working hard to ensure that South Africa will not have to face load shedding beyond the end of this week. This is according to senior generation official, Andrew Etzinger, who was...

Rotational loadshedding moves to Stage 4 from 13H00 to 22H00 today

Due to continued pressure on the national grid, Eskom will implement Stage 4 loadshedding from 13h00 today and is likely to continue until 22h00. Since this morning we have unexpectedly lost six...

How to prepare for Eskom’s loadshedding

Power utility, Eskom has released a statement, warning of a high probability of loadshedding. According to Eskom, the probability of loadshedding during the day is low as power station units...


Liquor industry urges government to prepare to lift alcohol ban

The liquor industry is once again calling on government to lift the ban on alcohol. Their latest call is based on suggestions by the...