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Tag: loadshedding

How Cape Town prevent Stage 1 load shedding

If circumstances allow, Cape Town and Johannesburg are both able to spare their citizens from stage 1 load shedding. The City of Cape Town and City Power in Johannesburg announced...

NERSA says no

Eskom’s application to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has been turned down, despite the utility’s claim that it is facing a funding gap of up to R200bn by...

Eskom crisis creates new opportunities for businesses

As South Africa battles with an electricity crisis, independent power suppliers have offered Eskom some solutions to keep the lights on.Generator manufacturers and power barge experts (ships that produce electricity) say...

More gas import infrastructure to power SA

The Department of Energy (DoE) announced yesterday at the Energy Indaba in Sandton that it plans to build the infrastructure to import natural gas for electric turbines, to build out its...

Power crisis constrains SA growth, warns economist

South Africa's escalating electricity tariffs, energy insecurity and the "risk of widespread blackouts" are among the main factors restraining growth in the economy, Isaac Matshego, economist at Nedbank told members of...


Cape has slowest mobile internet speed in the country

In the modern age, being connected to someone often means interacting with them via the internet, whether it be on social media applications such...


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