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Tag: machines

The bright side of super intelligence

The idea of machines turning into man’s worst enemy is not a new one. Whole movies have been devoted to this theme, from Space Odyssey 2000, where the computer HAL “eliminates”...

Moving giant mining machines

Imperial Logistics’ specialist capabilities and close collaboration with a long-standing client ensured the success of one of the most challenging transport projects ever undertaken by the supply chain and logistics provider. ...

WERC smarter not harder

In a recent article WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council) said that labour costs are set to rise once again. For most of us that probably does not come as much...

How intelligent machines help doctors do more for their patients

Artificial intelligence is being applied across many industries, and healthcare is no exception, writes the CEO of Discovery Health Massive advances in technology are changing healthcare systems at an unprecedented rate. Last...

Propak Cape showcases new technology and latest products

[vimeo 239648878 w=100 h=360]Propak Cape 2017 from Orange Orbit Productions on VimeoPropak Cape has already attracted hundreds of visitors who want to learn about the latest developments and technology in packaging...


Nano tech coating protects all surfaces

STOPAQ was developed in the Netherlands, using highly advanced nano-technology in the creation of a range of corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing systems. The Stopaq...


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