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Asset management and maintenance made easy

The importance of scheduled and regular machine maintenance in any processing or production company cannot be over-emphasised. Why most of production, maintenance or workshop managers subscribe to this credo for their...

Engen Refinery to undergo planned routine maintenance

Engen Refinery, South Africa’s second largest oil refinery, is set to undergo a planned maintenance Outage. Starting on 2 September 2019, this scheduled activity forms part of the refinery’s ongoing maintenance programme,...

First plastic road paves the way for SA

Jeffreys Bay will be paving the way for recycling in the country, literally, as it prepares to pilot the first plastic road ever constructed in South Africa in an attempt to...

SKF goes with the predictive maintenance flow

There is an ever-growing need for faster, more efficient production methods and manufacturers are striving to find the perfect balance between product quality and affordability and to deliver within the shortest...

MAN Automotive has announced a free-of-charge maintenance plan on all VW Constellation truck models

In support of operators who are finding the going tougher in the current economic context, MAN Automotive have come up with a special support package to be included with the purchase of all VW Constellation truck models. Through the local importer...


A WIN/WIN scenario

Being a relatively small new comer to the commercial property market Redline Property Group’s (RPG) aim in most of its dealings is to achieve...

Saldanha air route to open


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