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Reducing maintenance on chute systems is simple

Transfer points don’t need to be high maintenance areas on a mine anymore. This good news is from Mark Baller, Managing Director, Weba Chute Systems who says the solution to reducing...

Profipress makes short work of hotel alterations

Prestige hotels are always busy and open for business 24/7 so any alterations or changes to essential services have to be accomplished with the minimum disruption to the hotel’s clientele. ...

getTOD, South Africa’s innovative answer to 24 hour home maintenance

Only four months since its inception in Cape Town, getTOD (Get Tasks on Demand) launched in Johannesburg on the 15th August 2016.  With over 250 registered tradespeople and an exciting exclusive...

Maintain plant during tough times

When money is tight, vehicle owners still usually continue with scheduled services, knowing that to skip them and drive a car until it breaks down will cost more in repair bills...

Advanced laser alignment solution from SKF

The new TKSA 41 shaft alignment tool from global bearings and engineering solutions specialist, SKF, delivers an advanced laser alignment solution that will improve uptime and lower energy and maintenance costs. ...


Diarise: Enlit Africa – 7-9 June 2022 at CTICC

RENEWABLE energy has the opportunity to deliver an energy sector that is providing decarbonised energy access to communities across Africa, bringing the realisation of...


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