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The Machines are here – 3D Printing – A genuine challenge to Intellectual Property...

Although 3D printing technology has been in existence for several decades, its recent proliferation makes it clear that never before as much as now, has this technology presented as acute a...

Choosing the best steam boiler

With various types of steam boilers available, from electrode to gas, diesel or coal-fired options it’s important to understand your options before making a selection Lionel Maasdorp, General Manager at Allmech, a...

Tips for water softener selection

ALL boilers need a softener, as well as cooling towers, as boilers help to prevent scale on heat transfer surfaces. JP Thysse, Senior Technician at Allmech, local manufacturer of boilers and supplier...

Premier mohair sock maker readies for export growth

A manufacturer of mohair socks, Cape Town-based Cape Mohair, is positioned for export-led growth following an innovative deal that addressed its need for new machinery and extra working capital. The firm...


In the years ahead, what is your ambition for your business?

Making the most out of your economic prime, needs focused attention and action. With this in mind, what is your medium or long-term ambition for...


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