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The Future of Manufacturing in Africa

Fostering industrialisation remains a key priority for African policymakers Growing the manufacturing sector is often considered a cardinal element to realising inclusive and sustained development. Among the multiple benefits of manufacturing, is the industry’s...

TFG to invest R2.1 billion, double local manufacturing employment after record year

TFG (The Foschini Group) announced a ramp up of Capex spending in the coming financial year after posting record turnover of R43.4bn (up 31.6%), gross profit of R21.0bn (up 40.3%) and...

Fighting back

Metal manufacturing major, Fabrinox shakes off the effects of the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine with proven strategies and an emphasis on greater customer involvement. CEO Andre Visser elaborates...

Correct Screen Media Selection is Key to Lowering TCO

Screen media is a critical part of the metallurgical process, and it is therefore essential that the appropriate screen panel or screen panel combinations are selected, not only to improve efficiencies,...

FPro G gun: innovation in 445g of aluminium

SAMES Kremin completes its premium range of low-pressure paint spray guns with the FPro G, a gravity-fed model that stands out for its ergonomics, high application quality and disposable cups. It...


Managing business risks: easy steps any SME can take today 

Small business owners should consider risk management and mitigation as a valuable form of insurance against any eventuality. It will help them protect the...


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