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South African manufacturing, production and sales statistics for April 2015

SatsSA recently revealed the manufacturing, production and sales statistics for April 2015 in South Africa. The report revelaed that the 2,0% year-on-year decrease in manufacturing production in April 2015 was...

Mining, manufacturing & construction most at risk of restructuring in 2015

South Africa’s sluggish economy is likely to result in an increase in the number of businesses that require restructuring in order to survive with companies in the resources, manufacturing and construction...

Mining and manufacturing sectors plunge from power cuts

The economic growth that manufacturers saw at the end of last year will be short-lived as mining output and manufacturing production fell in January. The downfall of these two sectors...

Cape industry reinforced for 2015

The past year has been a most trying period for industrial concerns throughout SA – their very viability threatened by a combination of higher energy and labour costs as well as...


4th SABIA National Biogas Conference

The Southern African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA) National Biogas Conference will convene at the  Agricultural Research Council (ARC), Hatfield, Pretoria from 14-16 August 2019. We...


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