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Century City today an integral part of Cape Town’s property scene

An unusable wasteland – a marshy piece of ground. Most property developers wouldn’t look at it twice. But that’s the site of what’s now Century City in Cape Town. It’s taken...

Multi-billion rand hotel investment announcement

The world’s largest hotel company is showing its commitment to the future of South Africa, through a multi-billion Rand investment partnership, with a local developer that will create massive employment opportunities,...

Marriott international announces brand endorsement of Protea Hotels in Africa

Marriott International announced today the rebranding of Protea Hotels to capitalize on the travel aspirations of Africa’s growing middle class and the increased presence of international hotel brands in Africa.  The...


WEG Africa pioneers local manufacture of MV softstarters in SA

WEG Africa has become the first OEM to produce medium voltage (MV) softstarters in South Africa, reducing lead times for customers and supporting the...


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