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Tag: Maskam Water

Resolving SA’s water crisis: Be part of the solution

IT is often said that the next world war will be fought over water. The United Nations, scientists, and governments the world over have been trying to raise awareness over the...

15 Mℓ/day decentralised wastewater system unveiled

A recent presentation staged by Maskam Water – exclusive distributors and local manufacturers of the revolutionary Clarus Fusion Sewage Treatment system – celebrated the company’s largest single unit supplied to the...

Innovative decentralised wastewater system offers massive water and energy-saving benefits

Maskam Water’s premises in Brackenfell Industria was the venue for the launch of a highly-innovative decentralised wastewater treatment system, which could revolutionise the approach to providing dignified sanitation to disadvantaged and...

Wastewater system challenges conventional wisdom

The country’s fixation for water borne sewage and large energy hungry wastewater treatment plants that more often ‘waste’ this valuable resource, is about to be challenged at grass roots level with...


In the years ahead, what is your ambition for your business?

Making the most out of your economic prime, needs focused attention and action. With this in mind, what is your medium or long-term ambition for...


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