Tag: Measurement

City launches new measure to curb drunk driving

The number of deaths caused by drunk drivers in the Western Cape last year amounted to 1 315. To reduce the number of fatalities resulting from driving under the influence, the...

Secure liquid level detection

Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech, has capacitive level indicators type NMC, specifically designed to measure liquid levels in tanks. They consist of a measuring probe and a connecting head with a...

Ultrasonic water meter for instantaneous measurements

The Elis Flomic FL5024 is a battery-powered ultrasonic water meter intended for measuring flow rate instantaneously and pressure and consumption in water piping (standard EN 14154 for water works), water distribution...

Measurement and regulation by mass

Kobold has on offer digital flowmeters, type DMS, that record the mass of gasses and are therefore unaffected by pressure and temperature. The measuring devices work using the bypass capillary...

Leuze smart camera equipped for measuring

The Leuze LSIS 462i smart camera brings additional functionality to detection applications with its ability to provide accurate measurements. The new measurement function is based on edge scanning and enables the...


Growthpoint shines in financial reporting and communication

Growthpoint Properties won the Best Reporting and Communication Awards – Property Sector at the Analysts Society of South Africa (IAS) Excellence in Financial Reporting and Communications...


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