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Loadshedding accelerates the return of face-to-face meetings

 It’s December, which means 2023 workplace trend reports are being released and, unsurprisingly, hybrid workplaces coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce continue to dominate the global conversation. Thanks to rapid advancements in...

Hybrid Events are the way of the Future

The global pandemic stopped meetings, conferences, and events in their tracks. Like every other industry, the events industry went through an unprecedented time, and had to reinvent itself in order to...

Do’s and don’ts for your next Zoom meeting

Zoom meetings are more popular than ever: With the proliferation of flexible and hybrid work schedules, they’ve become the go-to tool for managers and employees alike to meet when an in-office...


WEG Africa pioneers local manufacture of MV softstarters in SA

WEG Africa has become the first OEM to produce medium voltage (MV) softstarters in South Africa, reducing lead times for customers and supporting the...


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