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Tag: money

How to identify stress and deal with it

2020 has been the year that no one could have predicted would be as stressful and exhausting as it has been. Capetonians have had to deal with a global pandemic and...

LPG – are you being ripped off?

The editor brings price gouging to your attention! IT seems to happen every winter, at least that’s when I refill my gas bottles at the onset of a cold snap. LPG prices vary...

What are the best investment options in South Africa?

Investing can help you keep with the growing inflation rates and set and achieve goals in your career. Whether it's buying a car, owning a home, getting a car or planning...

How to stretch your Rands and cents in these trying times

The current economic environment coupled with further challenges of income instability that COVID-19 brings requires consumers to cultivate good money management habits, focus on essentials, curb unnecessary spending and pay of...

Compressor air leaks = lost money

CONTRARY to what some companies or employees think, compressed air is not free. Compressed air leaks are a direct source of wasted energy and increase the running time of the air...


Xylem’s Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring system

Xylem’s Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring system is the next generation and new benchmark in monitoring equipment, replacing our popular MAS711 monitoring product, the...