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Taiwanese vessel intercepted and escorted to Cape Town Port

On 07 September 2016 the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries through its Vessel Monitoring System spotted a Taiwanese Vessel Chin Jen Wen entering South African Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) sailing...

South Africa’s deep sea trawling industry is 62% black owned

More than 60% of South Africa’s most valuable commercial fishery, the deep-sea trawling industry, is black-owned. This is one of the key findings of a study that has just been completed...

TNPA’s Western Cape ports now ‘smartPORTS’

The Ports of Cape Town and Saldanha today became the latest to go live with Transnet National Ports Authority’s new R79m web-based Integrated Port Management System (IPMS,) first introduced at the...


Large asteroid will be passing by Earth this weekend

Three asteroids passed near Earth on 10 September, and another large one is coming our way on 14 September. But worry not, it will...

The Smart approach


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