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SA municipalities expect budget deficit of R4.7bn in 2018/19 – National Treasury

The revenue for South African municipalities is expected to rise to R431.5 billion in 2019/20 and R462.5 billion in 2020/21 from a budgeted R404.6 billion for 2018/19, the National Treasury said on...

What your tax bill could look like next year

No changes to personal income tax, VAT and corporate tax rates expected. National Treasury does not expect that personal or corporate tax rates or VAT will be increased over the...

Limited room to manoeuvre as Mboweni faces mammoth task to revive SA economy

Nine years after leaving his post as governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni is has been appointed as the nation’s finance minister and faces the unenviable task of...

National Treasury aims to restore SA investment grade rating

Government will engage ratings agency S&P Global on their areas of concern, while taking steps to restore South Africa's investment grade credit rating - a top priority, the National Treasury said. ...

Emerging fruit farmers in the Western Cape can look forward to better times

According to business day emerging fruit farmers in the Western Cape can look forward to better times, following the establishment of a multi-million rand fund aimed at supporting smallholder farmers to reach commercial...


SA fuel price increase looms thanks to oil tanker attacks

The Sarb’s announcement of a possibility of a cut in interest rates may not bring the relief SA consumers had hoped for. The welcome indication...


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