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CDC adds three “new” COVID-19 symptoms

As research on COVID-19 progresses and more information comes to light, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updates the public on details such as symptoms of the virus. The public has been...

New Facebook group pushes for end of lockdown

A new Facebook group has emerged with plans to put an end to what its calls a crippling and devastating lockdown. The group, titled “#endthelockdownmzanzi”, states that they will choose a date...

Reshape your business for the Corona Economy: Focus on the Cape

Pavlo partnered with Cape Business News and our Cape Town office to present a webinar on re-shaping your business for the new economy.

Reset, rebuild and reignite your business to win in the new economy

Whatever you did to achieve success pre-Corona is not going to be the same as the things you need to do to achieve success in a Corona world. Our whole way of...

CMA CGM launches new cargo loading solution

CMA CGM, the fourth largest container shipping line in the world by market share, has launched SEAPRIORITY Go, a new solution that offers priority for goods during the loading of vessels. In...


Reset Rebuild & Reignite your business to thrive in a changed...

Historically, 60% of the market recovers within six months of an economic crisis. This means that now is the time to be acting to...