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KPMG statement – Fidelis Moema

Ignatius Sehoole, CEO of KPMG South Africa KPMG South Africa played an integral part leading to the arrest of former employee, Fidelis Moema, following the firm identifying potential fraud committed against the...

Employment equity law will permit employers to raise justifiable grounds for non-compliance

The proposed amendments to the employment equity (EE) will provide a double-pronged flexibility in that they will allow employers to consult & self-regulate their equity targets, while also allowing employers to...

Benefits, burden and barriers of tax compliance for small businesses

By Black Umbrellas, a partner entity of the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation: Benjamin Franklin, an iconic American president, famously said. “…in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” This past year in...


Over R100-billion to be invested in data centres in South Africa 

By Larry Claasen Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest R46-billion in Cape Town by 2029. THE setting up of hyperscale data centres in South Africa...


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