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Tag: Nuclear Power

New Energy Minister Mahlobo’s first words on his nuclear vision for SA

Incoming Energy Minister David Mahlobo on Thursday highlighted his vision for South Africa’s nuclear energy future, following the approval for Eskom to develop 4GW of new power stations near Koeberg last...

The truth about nuclear power in SA

Two international anti-nuclear activists visited Durban on Saturday to educate the community on the harmful effects of nuclear energy. They highlighted why South Africans must continue to oppose its proliferation in...

Head in the sand: Eskom fails in a land of cheap energy

Renewables pose a threat to coal and nuclear, because wind and solar are undeniably cheaper forms of energy, argues Dom Wills. This year Eskom turned 94 years old. But so...

Just around the corner; Africa Energy Indaba with exciting side events

Energy is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth in Africa and has been at the forefront of discussions on Africa reaching and maximising its growth potential. Without reliable and continuous access...

IRP says no need for more nuclear power

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is delighted to see that the new Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2016) says there is no need for more nuclear power in South Africa...


The electric cars are here. Now how about selling them

It only took a decade for traditional automakers to take electric cars seriously and offer more than a smattering of test-the-water models. Now comes the...

3 Barriers to AI Adoption


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