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Lockdown: Why you shouldn’t set up your office in your bedroom

With South Africa in lockdown, non-essential businesses are now closed or forced to operate remotely. This means that many of us are experiencing what it’s like to work full-time from home....

Can’t get to the office? Let the office come to you

Disruptions and delays in the daily commute in South Africa are some of the reasons companies and office spaces are moving to the suburbs. There are few things more discussed and debated...

What is office agriculture and why it it taking off around the world?

“Office” and “Agriculture” are two words that are hard to imagine together but they describe a new trend designed to improve employee wellness while reducing absenteeism in the workplace.  Isla Galloway-Gaul, Managing...

SA Post Office now accepting bank card payments for car licence renewals

The South African Post Office said on Tuesday it would now accept debit and credit card payments,  in addition to cash, for motor vehicle licence renewals at its branches offering the...

What is driving SA’s office leases?

It has been predicted this year that among South Africa's three major commercial segments, office space will be the biggest loser. With a stubbornly high vacancy rate that sees Johannesburg at...


The way forward is Expert advice

Choosing a topic for this month’s column, I have gone through several rewrites with me finally deciding to share about what it is to...


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