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Business organisations oppose national vaccine mandates

Lawyers acting for the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA) and four other business organisations have sent a letter regarding the issue of mandatory vaccination to the Presidency. The letter states:...

Organisations embracing technology in response to COVID-19

Rumour and misinformation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) have spread faster than the virus itself. This has led to various levels of government, business and individual responding in widely divergent ways, from extreme measures to...

Banks, businesses, and organisations donate millions towards Knysna fires

Private institutions have heeded the call by the Western Cape government for humanitarian donations towards the relief efforts for victims of the devastating fires that continue to ravage the Southern Cape. ...

Are managers the new entrepreneurs?

Developing managers from early in their careers can increase performance, strengthen organisations and improve their competitive edge, say experts – and their economic influence in an economy may rival that of...

CEM Summit leads the way for the African customer experience industry

Since inception, the first of its kind Customer Experience Management Summit has more than doubled in size and is now the largest CEM conference in Africa. The event is taking place...

Stop being taken for a PR ride

Stop being taken for a ride by your public relations (PR) company or ‘social media agency’ and stop throwing exorbitant amounts of money at communication efforts that are not well planned...


Over R100-billion to be invested in data centres in South Africa 

By Larry Claasen Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest R46-billion in Cape Town by 2029. THE setting up of hyperscale data centres in South Africa...


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