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40 not out

A 40-ton electric overhead travelling crane manufactured and commissioned 39 years ago is being refurbished at Condra’s main factory in Germiston, just a few months short of the machine’s ruby anniversary. The...

Mill turns to Condra to recover lost production

PRICE should never be allowed to unduly influence the purchase decision. A wrong choice of capital equipment can prove costly not only in downtime and lost production, but also in unnecessarily...

Unique suspension crane

CONDRA is to manufacture a 15t capacity suspension crane of unusual configuration as one of two overhead cranes ordered for underground use at a Botswana diamond mine. The second machine is...

Customised design wins Anglolan crane order

AN order for an overhead crane and gantry specifically designed to overcome delivery and functionality constraints for a mine in Angola, has been placed by Consulmet Pty Ltd on crane and...


Over R100-billion to be invested in data centres in South Africa 

By Larry Claasen Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest R46-billion in Cape Town by 2029. THE setting up of hyperscale data centres in South Africa...


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