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Register with the right PRO before 5 November

TAKING practical or financial responsibility for the disposal of one’s products is no longer a nice-to-have or a tick-box exercise. Extended producer responsibility (EPR) by producers and importers in the electrical,...

Drinking coffee from paper cups could be harmful, study finds

Drinking hot beverages from a paper cup could lead to serious health complications, new research from India warns. Paper cups that are exposed to hot water release thousands of microplastics which contaminate beverages,...

South Africa kept 219 soccer pitches of paper out of landfill last year

In 2019, South Africa recovered 1.2 million tonnes of recyclable paper products. Anele Sololo, general manager of RecyclePaperZA, the paper recycling association, says the country’s paper recovery rate is at 68.5%. These...

Keep recycling, urges RecyclePaperZA

More than 12 million tons of paper and paper packaging have been recovered for recycling in South Africa over the past decade. This, according to RecyclePaperZA, the country’s paper recycling association,...

Beyond the box

More than 12 million tons of paper and paper packaging have been recovered in South Africa for recycling during the past decade. The overall paper collection rate in 2018 of 71.7%...


Managing business risks: easy steps any SME can take today 

Small business owners should consider risk management and mitigation as a valuable form of insurance against any eventuality. It will help them protect the...


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