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New data shows major SA brands are meeting plastic collection and recycling targets

NEWLY released data shows that several major South African brands are meeting targets when it comes to collecting and recycling the plastic packaging in which their products are sold, and keeping...

Child of family that surrendered dog, promised to re-adopt when she grew up

There is great importance bestowed on a promise; it is a verbal commitment to something and should be taken seriously, that is precisely what this young lady did for her dog. A...

PETCO, the PET Recycling Company

PRODUCERS of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic in South Africa realised that collectively addressing their responsibilities with respect to post-consumer waste PET packaging would be more effective and efficient than government-imposed regulation....

Billions of bottles recycled in South Africa

Some good news for a change - over 2-billion PET plastic bottles were recycled in South Africa last year. Plastic bottle recycled tonnage in SA has grown by over 800%...


Quality SEW gearboxes now available for centre pivot irrigation in SA

Offering a complete gear solution for centre pivot irrigation systems, SEW-EURODRIVE brings its quality products and support as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) closer...


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