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Petrochemicals industry threatened by a vicious circle

HISTORICALLY, the petrochemicals sector has been a great source of economic opportunity for South Africa. In its heyday, it was a thriving sector of the economy but today it is hindered...

Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand

PETROCHEMICALS – components derived from oil and gas that are used in all sorts of daily products such as plastics, fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents and tyres –...

Extracting value from the supply chain

Cost sensitivity and mining downturn forces innovation in petrochemical supply chain. Falling oil prices, a crumbling mining sector and local economic uncertainty have created a volatile mix of forces that is putting...


WEG Africa’s new Cape Town premises reflect 30 years of growth

Celebrating 30 years since its inception, WEG Africa’s Cape Town branch can mark this achievement from its larger and improved premises in Richmond Business...


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