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Tag: Petrol

Petrol price for October: Decrease expected, but don’t get your hopes up

Even when we get good news regarding our fuel costs, there’s an element of dread hiding underneath the surface. The Central Energy Fund (CEF) have released their mid-month estimates with regards...

Petrol price to rise by 11 cents

Cash strapped consumers will have to fork out more at the pumps as the petrol price is set to increase by 11 cents on Wednesday. The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy...

Petrol going up, diesel coming down

If you’re a diesel driver you’re in luck this coming month as the price is predicted to drop, but if your car takes petrol you can expect to pay more this...

Petrol price to fall by 96c/l on Wednesday

The price of 93 octane petrol will go down by 96c/l on Wednesday, the central energy fund said late on Friday. The rand depreciated against the dollar during the period under review, but...

Fuel price hike expected in May

South African motorists could be in for another petrol price hike next month if the latest data from the Central Energy Fund is to be believed. Mid-month data shows an under-recovery of around...


What Cape Town’s pink trees represent

The Pink Trees for Pauline (PTFP) organisation, in collaboration with The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is adorning Cape Town’s trees with pink...


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