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Solar power market is set for 2023 upswing

WITH the solar power sector expected to rise sharply throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to the best tools to work at optimum efficiency and safety. As the world...

3 Steps to Commissioning a solar power system (photovoltaic) for maximum performance

DESPITE great engineering, no system is failproof. That’s where commissioning comes in, establishing a baseline of performance for customer acceptance and follow-on maintenance. Commissioning is important not only for photovoltaic (PV)...

Education and due diligence – critical before investing in alternative energy

THE ongoing energy crisis in South Africa has placed households and businesses in a predicament, with an increased urgency to supplement energy requirements, which is driving the demand for solutions in...

Renewable energy sources

“Nothing is more environment-friendly than receiving energy directly from the sun. This is our commitment to solar technology.” says Siegbert Lapp, a member of the board of Lapp Holding AG. The...


Saldanha Green Hydrogen wants to pump its excess electricity into the...

By Larry Claasen Phelan Green Energy Group, which is developing a R47-billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha Bay is looking at ways to transfer the...


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