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Tip a hat to Bowler

IF the disruptions caused by the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic was the only thing Ottery-based plastics packaging specialist Bowler Metcalf had to endure... The group in its interim period to end June also...

Microbes in cow stomachs can break down plastic

PLASTIC is notoriously hard to break down, but researchers in Austria have found that bacteria from a cow's rumen—one of the four compartments of its stomach—can digest certain types of the...

‘Vegan spider silk’ provides sustainable alternative to single-use plastics

RESEARCHERS have created a plant-based, sustainable, scalable material that could replace single-use plastics in many consumer products. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, created a polymer film by mimicking the properties...

South Africa’s first edible bowls to replace single-use plastic

Research shows that only 16% of plastic in South Africa is recycled. This Plastic-Free month, we explore how we can replace plastic with organic and edible material. Munch Innovation, a company incubated at...

Commitment to Quality in FROMM’s PET Strapping Solutions

Proper packaging plays a crucial role in just about every major industry in the world today, and no-one understands the need for reliable, practical packaging tools better than the team at...


New Cape Town initiative bolsters economic recovery

TO support local businesses across the board, from one-person SMMEs to corporates, a number of key public, private and NPO stakeholders are joining forces...


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