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Nuclear fusion – how excited should we be?

There's been tremendous excitement about recent results from the Joint European Torus (JET) facility in the UK, hinting that the dream of nuclear fusion power is inching closer to reality. We know that fusion works...

Discovery sees positive Covid signs for South Africa on the back of strong results

Discovery has published its interim financial results for the period 31 December 2021, with the financial services group seeing continued growth in its health business, while banking losses were lower than...

CBD property market sees uptick

INVESTMENT into Cape Town’s CBD property market seems to be enjoying the first signs of post-pandemic optimism, with buyers keen to get in on the action, notably in the buy-to-let space....

Oceana’s Lucky Star

THE resilience of fishing group Oceana’s Lucky Star canned pilchard brand was again demonstrated in the half year to end March. Oceana’s important canned fish and fishmeal segment managed to hold revenues...

Drillers see positive signs in rig markets

MARKET prospects continue to improve for Maersk Drilling’s rig fleet, according to the company’s latest results statement. Market prospects continue to improve for Maersk Drilling’s rig fleet, according to the company’s latest results...


The energy morass

CBN Editor Robin Hayes asks if foreign funded vested interests are at play. IT beggars belief that we have endured loadshedding for more than 14...


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