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Tag: power cuts

South Africans Left Without Answers as Blackouts Drag On

South Africans looking for signs of an end to the latest round of power cuts were left disappointed after the minister responsible for utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. said he doesn’t...

Biting the bullet – key to overcoming power crisis

There are no short-term solutions to South Africa’s current power crisis – the solution lies in a combination of strategy, demand-side interventions and an effective maintenance programme, say members of the...

Eskom warns of a constrained power grid as manufacturing sector shrinks

Eskom has warned that the power grid will be constrained all week as several generators are out of service due to “planned and unplanned outage.” This on the same day as...

Eskom crisis creates new opportunities for businesses

As South Africa battles with an electricity crisis, independent power suppliers have offered Eskom some solutions to keep the lights on.Generator manufacturers and power barge experts (ships that produce electricity) say...


City of Cape Town’s costly ‘dodgy’ land deal in spotlight

The DA has come under fire for purchasing land in Dunoon for R64 million to appease its constituencies in an affluent suburb, where the...


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