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SMEs remain under pressure as fuel prices increase

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are often hit the hardest during the periods of fuel price increases. This comes at a crucial time as SMEs are still trying to recover from the financial...

New hydraulic pumps deliver 700 bar pressure

“OUR new lightweight Enerpac pumps are able to provide power to various 700 bar hydraulic cylinders, nut cutters and torque wrenches quickly and efficiently. E-Pulse pumps are able to operate hydraulic...

Mobile water units to ease pressure on ailing municipal infrastructure

RUSSIAN energy giant Rosatom has introduced its mobile water treatment and desalination units to the South African market. South Africa is considered to be a water scarce country with an average rainfall...

New compact, hygienic transmitters

The Rosemount™ 326/327 line of pressure, level and temperature instruments offers food and beverage facilities the opportunity to improve efficiency, safety, product quality and consistency. Emerson have unveiled a new line of...

Aquamation (water cremation) a new offering in Cape Town

Aquamation is something that has picked up across the world, and has now been introduced to Cape Town by a well-known funeral service. Avbob claims it is the first such service...


Total produces first oil from Zinia 2 tieback offshore Angola

Total has started production from the Zinia Phase 2 short-cycle project in block 17 offshore Angola. TOTAL has started production from the Zinia Phase 2 short-cycle project...


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