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Private electricity trader set to transform SA energy

A new South African private electricity trading company has recently being awarded a landmark licence that allows it to transport energy from independent power producers (IPPs) to private end-users in any...

Can you lose your job over a WhatsApp conversation?

If you don't think that "secret" WhatsApp chat you had with your colleagues can't potentially cost you your job, think again. Nobody could have predicted that the arrival of social media on...

SA private wealth declines, but the country remains attractive to the rich

SA may be rated among the world’s least safe countries, and its economy may be flagging, but it is one of the most important destinations for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), research released...


Walk the talk PURA Kids new one litre range hits the...

By Ruth Rehbock PURA Beverages claims its products offers great taste, no preservatives or artificial flavouring, and most importantly, two-thirds less sugar than soft drinks...


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