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WEG IE3 compliant motor control and protection

The increased move towards the use of IE3 electric motors has made it increasingly important that the most appropriate starting method be selected to ensure optimum performance. With this move it is...

Safer and more efficient automated manufacturing processes with machine protection doors from Maxiflex

Cutting-edge machine protection doors from renowned industrial door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex, are specially designed to improve safety, productivity and efficiency on automated manufacturing processes and production lines. Integrated into...

MARECHAL for ARC flash protection

The DECONTACTOR™ design includes a safety shutter which effectively eliminates the source of arc flash exposure by containing any discharge within the socket’s arc chambers. The socket-outlets safety shutter prevents unintended...

Do Airbnb hosts have enough protection in place?

With tougher economic conditions and high debt burdens this year, many consumers are turning to alternative income sources to supplement their income over the festive season. Some homeowners, particularly those who...


What Cape Town’s pink trees represent

The Pink Trees for Pauline (PTFP) organisation, in collaboration with The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is adorning Cape Town’s trees with pink...

Profit waves at Waterfront


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