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Cape Town’s July rainfall way below average

Rainfall in Cape Town's water catchment areas was way below average during July, with one weather station recording less than a third of the normal July rainfall. Rainfall in the...

Dams that supply Cape Town now up to 42% full

The sustained winter rainfall has seen dam levels in the Western Cape continue to rise. The average level for dams across the Western Cape for the week starting on Monday...

Two days of rainfall forecast for the Cape

Cape Town dam levels rose by 0.9% last week, thanks to rainfall from the previous week, and the good news is more rain is expected this week. Looking at rainfall predication...

Confidence in agriculture takes a knock, despite good rainfall in parts of SA

Unfavourable weather conditions in the Western Cape coupled with relatively lower global demand for maize exports were the key drivers of the decline in confidence in the agricultural sector, according to...

Tech that fruit

The lack of rainfall in the Western Cape is starting to have a knock on effect, not just in the sustenance for plants and drinking water, but also for animals and...


Weldamax; A leading supplier of quality, value-for-money branded welding products

Around the world, welders are becoming scarce. Globally, manufacturers of machines and consumables strive to build intelligence into their welding machines thereby making it...


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