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40 not out

A 40-ton electric overhead travelling crane manufactured and commissioned 39 years ago is being refurbished at Condra’s main factory in Germiston, just a few months short of the machine’s ruby anniversary. The...

Refurbish old concrete surfaces

Texture Top® offers a decorative solution to save money and time by refurbishing old concrete surfaces. Ageing, worn or surface damaged concrete no longer has to be demolished and recast at a...

When to replace and when to refurbish

Is it better to replace or refurbish an overhead crane reaching the end of its life? At least one South African firm reckons that there are advantages to both options, and Condra, a...


We must protect SA’s groundwater

By Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager at Xylem Africa. THE borehole is a South African staple, accessing water from underground aquifers.  This is called groundwater,...


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