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Renting to buying? Here’s what you need to know

Despite the interest rate hiking cycle now in effect, it is still the best buyer's market in decades, says Samuel Seeff, chair of the Seeff Property Group. It remains a particularly...

Renting an Airbnb in South Africa may change dramatically, due to new laws

Long regarded as a preferred alternative to staying in hotels and guesthouses, Airbnb haven’t managed to win everyone over in South Africa: There have been a few complaints about the way they...

Profit potential in Millennial renters

Many 25 to 35-year-old millennials would love to buy their own homes – but don’t have the earnings, steady jobs or credit records needed to qualify for home loans and so...


Engen and Vivo Energy combination completed, creating a pan-African energy champion

Combined Group spans over 3,900 service stations, and more than two billion litres of storage capacity across 28 African markets Significant capital expenditure...


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