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Tag: research

New research shows no end to coal financing in sight

URGEWALD, Reclaim Finance, and 25 other NGO partners have published research on the financiers and investors behind companies on the “Global Coal Exit List” (GCEL). The GCEL Finance Research shows that South African banks and...

Possible solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics

IN the United States, less than 9% of plastic waste is recycled. Instead, more than 75% of plastics waste ends up in landfills and up to 16% is burned, a process that releases...

Research shows that streetlights contribute less to night-time light emissions in cities than expected

WHEN satellites take pictures of Earth at night, how much of the light that they see comes from streetlights? A team of scientists from Germany, the USA, and Ireland have answered...

Research identifies barriers to funding for early-stage social enterprises

OVER the last ten years, the SAB Foundation has invested in over 200 social enterprises. We define social enterprises as businesses solving social problems. In order for SAB Foundation to invest,...

Research predicts optical metamaterials will soon disrupt $50 billion optics market

OPTICAL metamaterials use carefully controlled nanostructures to manipulate visible light, enabling lighter and thinner optics for everything from eyeglasses to mobile phone cameras. The technology to design and manufacture optical metamaterials is...


Western Cape remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows recovered to US$1.58 trillion in 2021, up from US$963 billion recorded in 2020 and higher than pre-pandemic...


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