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South African Airways embarks on a restructuring process which may lead to job losses

South African Airways has informed all its 5146 employees that it is embarking on a restructuring process which may lead to job losses. Acting Chief Executive Officer, Zuks Ramasia said the airline...

City to be declared a restructuring zone

The City of Cape Town has informed the National Government and the Western Cape Government of our intention to declare Cape Town in its entirety as a restructuring zone so that...

Klinger Mzanzi consolidates local operations into one-stop shop

In a move that will improve customer experience and create easier access to its products and services, market leader in gaskets, gland packing valves and sealing materials, Klinger Mzanzi has announced...


Fishing rights: lines are taut

THE delayed FRAP (Fishing Rights Allocation Process) appears to be increasing anxiety levels in the local fishing sector – especially amongst the larger players,...