Tag: Robotics

Artificial Intelligence robot detects human emotions – A first for conferencing at the CTICC

In a first for conferencing at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the centre hosted “Miss Pepper”, a humanoid robot capable of detecting human emotions during the BIOMIN World Nutrition Forum...

Farm robotics impact on labour shortage being ‘over-estimated’

Gaps between developing market-ready technology and on-farm use mean farm businesses could have to wait a long time until they see the benefits. Colin Ley reports from F&A Next, a farm innovation...

Apple has a new recycling robot, Daisy

Apple launched a new robot, Daisy that can retrieve valuable goods inside an iPhone by taking it apart. Daisy is the latest Apple robot, after Liam which was released in...

Will bots ever take over the world of customer service?

Driverless cars, 3D printers and smart homes have arrived, and nobody is surprised any longer about pronouncements that artificial intelligence has come close to matching human capabilities, even surpassing it in...


How Cape Town will defeat beetle infestation

In March 2019, a possible Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer beetle (PSHB) infestation was discovered in Oldenland Road, Somerset West, in an ailing London plane...


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