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Tag: RTS Africa

Hy-Optima hydrogen analysers: optimised for refinery operations

The basic process of refining crude oil – fractional distillation – into useable product is reasonably simple. Crude oil contains various hydrocarbon compounds all of which condense at varying temperatures. The...

A really ‘refined’ solution

RTS Africa Engineering provides accurate, reliable hydrogen monitoring solution for petrochemical refineries and other process industry applications Most people never give a thought to what goes into the tanks of their cars...

Desiccant dryer ensures consistent gas purity

In the business of industrial gas production, consistent product quality is an absolute requirement. To ensure this consistency is maintained, raw gas from production facilities is tapped off their main supply...


Organ harvesting ring mooted as two SA teachers go missing in...

The disappearance of two South African men in Vietnam is under investigation by Gift of the Givers, which fears they may have fallen prey...


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