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Tag: safety

Smart way to make machine interventions safer

Increase workplace safety with a world-class Lockout/Tagout solution from a single supplier. Easily de-energise machines during maintenance to prevent accidents related to moving machine parts and any type of machine energy. Manufacturers...

Afrox plants certified to FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Standard

Pieter Moolman, Afrox product manager for Packaged Special Gases, discusses the success of a two-year project to certify the Western Cape and Gauteng gas production and filling facilities to the FSSC...

Problem with lime-scale in our water

SCALE, which is initially made up of Calcium and Magnesium crystals that have come out of solution in the water flow, due to pressure or temperature changes is a problem encountered...

Hearing loss is a neglected hazard for miners

IN 2020 alone, despite COVID-19, mining contributed R361.6 billion  to South Africa’s gross domestic product, a share of over 8%. The industry employs 451 000 people. But despite its value and the regulations in place to...

Programme instills safety behaviour for all employees

EPIROC Southern Africa, which includes South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe, has joined the list of Epiroc entities around the world in collaborating with SafeStart International, a global organisation that...


Managing business risks: easy steps any SME can take today 

Small business owners should consider risk management and mitigation as a valuable form of insurance against any eventuality. It will help them protect the...


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