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Bump and grind for 2016

PROSPECTS for business in the Western Cape for 2016 look daunting. Political ructions have sent the Rand spiralling down against major currencies, the country’s fiscal policies look anything but disciplined and...

Doors open for small business in Saldanha

The Ministers of Public Enterprises and Small Business Development, Lynne Brown and Lindiwe Zulu, will today oversee the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will increase opportunities for emerging...

Potential state ownership for Saldanha Bay zone

The Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (SBIDZ) could soon be formally set up as a state-owned enterprise, after an application to be brought before the Western Cape cabinet. The IDZ...

Despite oil price headwinds, Saldanha Bay IDZ roll-out progressing

The sharp decline in oil prices over the last year has resulted in questions being raised about the wisdom of South Africa’s aspiration to pursue an aggressive roll-out of an oil...

First SA cargo ship registered

Swift moves are in place to develop South Africa's locally owned commercial shipping fleet following the announcement this week that the Department of Transport, supported by the South African Maritime Safety...


Cape Town’s boat building industry can provide jobs and boost economy

The South African boat building industry, currently worth well over R1 billion annually, holds enormous potential for the country's economy, the City of Cape...


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