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Rescuers blinded by laser while saving hikers

Shortly after 2.30pm on Sunday, March 15, Wilderness Search & Rescue (WSAR) was placed on standby when a call from hikers who were lost was received. Rescue efforts were hindered as...

10 fuel-saving driving tips

With South Africa's ever-fluctuating fuel price, budgets are continuously being squeezed tighter. The effect of driving habits on fuel consumption is often underestimated - but minor tweaks can help protect your...

Cape Town recognised for water saving efforts

The water-saving methods employed by the residents of the Mother City have payed off – Cape Town has been awarded a certificate by the International Water Association which acknowledges us as...

Saving gets a smart solution

Cape Town’s drought has changed most South Africans’ thinking around water usage and the future of the country’s water supplies. Government tariffs and self-regulation has meant a re-think in our relationship...

CT residents, businesses vow to stick to new water saving habits

Some Cape Town residents and businesses vow they’ve changed their water using habits for good. Following good rainfall, the city’s average dam level has increased significantly. Officials have, however, urged residents to...


The way forward is Expert advice

Choosing a topic for this month’s column, I have gone through several rewrites with me finally deciding to share about what it is to...


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