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Tag: security

Stacking up the benefits! Maxiflex introduces the new Stackdoor® security grille

Maxiflex is proud to introduce Stackdoor®, a completely unique and innovative certified security door solution that combines robustness, high safety specifications, efficiency and optimum security in a neat, compact and flexible...

Farmers use drones, AI to take security into their own hands

As the provincial government scrambles to set up structures to improve rural safety, farmers are looking to technology to boost security in the face of recent farm attacks and related agricultural...

Ford says it’s working on new security solutions

Ford South Africa has announced it is working on a solution to the security problem that has caused a stir on social media in recent weeks. This comes after numerous owners of...

Load shedding impacting food security

While there seems to be light at the end of the load shedding tunnel with Eskom reporting an improvement in performance at its plants, the cost to the economy is being...

Tech holds the future of home security

The future of home security will see threats detected and responded to – before a crime can be committed. Making use of big data, home security systems are now able to...


Western Cape remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows recovered to US$1.58 trillion in 2021, up from US$963 billion recorded in 2020 and higher than pre-pandemic...


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