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SA considers shale gas as alternative energy

South Africa is considering shale gas as a potential contributor to the country’s future energy mix, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said yesterday. Cabinet was briefed on the assessment...

Early drill results make presence of Karoo shale gas questionable

The results of two drill holes at the extremes of the Karoo basin presented at a Fossil Fuel Foundation workshop on unconventional gas showed that the presence of economically recoverable shale...

SA could have 5th largest shale gas reserves

Over and above being a massive energy resource, shale gas has the potential to boost business development within communities, establish black industrialists, create employment and develop specialised skills and the youth. ...

SA to soon be issuing licences for exploration of shale gas

President Jacob Zuma has said government will soon be issuing licences for the exploration of shale gas drilling through hydraulic fracturing or fracking. "It is this government's hope that we,...

Investigation into impact of Karoo fracking commissioned

The South African government has commissioned an investigation into the possible effects and potential mitigation opportunities of shale gas if it is found in the country. "If indeed viable deposits...


We must protect SA’s groundwater

By Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager at Xylem Africa. THE borehole is a South African staple, accessing water from underground aquifers.  This is called groundwater,...


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