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How water tanks are a solution to the water crisis in South Africa

Water is a scarce commodity on the African continent as a whole. The severity of the situation has been brought to the forefront by the recent Coronavirus pandemic. South Africa has reached...

Raw materials shortage puts coatings industry under pressure

A serious shortage of raw materials, coupled with substantial increases in prices for raw materials, has put the South African coatings industry under intense pressure, says Tara Benn, executive director of...

Five years, and five court orders, later and villagers still without water

Despite the municipality being order to provide residents in Limpopo villages with water, they still complain that taps are running dry. Five years of litigation and five court orders later, indigent residents...

Severe shortage of antidepressants, antipsychotics across the country

SA Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) has highlighted the severe impacts of a shortage of certain antidepressants and antipsychotics currently being experienced countrywide, saying this may lead to patient relapse. The Health...

Western Cape critical blood shortage

The public is encouraged to donate blood during the course of this week and today, due to The Western Cape Blood Transfusion Services blood bank being critically low with only enough blood to...

How groundwater can help – not solve – city’s water shortage

As the end of summer finds Cape Town’s water supply in a precarious state, there are options for making relatively quick and expanded use of local groundwater resources – while acknowledging...


Cape Chamber welcomes Western Cape inter-governmental dispute amidst investor uncertainty

Mr Jacques Moolman, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The private sector is facing a new epidemic of uncertainty prompted by Government...


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