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Tag: Social Media

Your social media post could land you in jail

Community groups are created to bring residents together and help spread news about relevant matters or incidents. But did you know that you could be in serious trouble if you share...

How to wipe your personal information from Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Facebook revealed last week that hackers got access to the sensitive personal information of as many as 30 million users, causing many to rush to delete their accounts and protect it from...

Stop being taken for a PR ride

Stop being taken for a ride by your public relations (PR) company or ‘social media agency’ and stop throwing exorbitant amounts of money at communication efforts that are not well planned...


BMG is organising a Food and Beverage Expo at the Hazendal...

“This specialist food and beverage event - which follows the success of the Johannesburg expo held in September last year - will showcase BMG’s...


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